The Next GameFi Revolution

CapMaster is a decentralized NFT based fighting game, featuring the most diverse anime-inspired super cats, that creates a Multiverse where players can summon their favorite heroes to battle and earn massive rewards of NFT collectibles and tokens.

* Available 500 slots

Metaverse about cat heros.

CapMaster is a Metaverse about cat heros. It bringing new gamefi play to earn experience to our players.

Players can use Hero crypto to fight, develop, upgrade, and join battles. Players will earn crypto by playing or contributing to the community

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Mining Hero - NFT

Every player can purchase a CapHero (NFT). It will automatically mine and get CapHero Token (CAMA). By feeding CapHero or other cryptocurrencies, players can upgrade the hash-rate of the CapHero.

As Mining Hero’s hash-rate gets higher, it can get the more CAMA. CAMA fed to CapHero will be destroyed and other cryptocurrency will be distributed to the community

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Hero Class

The character system is based on an engaging storyline. The properties of the system will determine the ability to attack, build, and grow.


Gun Class.


Spell Class.


Flying Class.


Chem Class.


Punch Class.


Monster Class.

Game Features

After owning a CapHero, you can upgrade, breed, or fight for rewards including NFTs, skills.

Trading NFT Heros in the open market

Players can trade heroes in NFT Market, and get paid.

Win to claim

By winning the fight or battle, player gets rewards.

Level System

Players can purchase food to feed the hero and upgrade the hero.

Star System

Player use spared heros to breed.

Mutiple storylines

Player can play different story lines for extra rewards.

One on one challenge

Play against eachother for rewards.

Our Roadmap

The whole process is meticulously and transparently planned and verified.


Contract Address:

Token Allocation

CapMaster Token

Symbol: CAMA
Decimals: 18
Total Supply: 100,000,000
Network: Binance Smart Chain

Team & Founders

Darian Nguyen

CEO & Co-founder

Pedro Blackwell

CTO & Co-founder

Kate Tran

CMO & Co-founder

Bobby Dang

CPO & Co-founder

Gabriel Tran

Art Director & Co-founder

Max Doyle

Software Engineer

Jude Phan

UI/UX Developer

Edward Cook

3D Director